Andy Woodard - elder
Andy Woodard
Barry Hooten - elder
Barry Hooten
Jimmy Jean - elder-minister
Jimmy Jean
David Fagan - elder
David Fagan


Andy Allen
Andy Allen
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas
Jeff Webster


Jimmy Jean - elder-minister
Jimmy Jean – pulpit minister

In 1979, Brother Jean graduated from Flintville High, Flintville, Tennessee, and started preaching in 1988, at Stony Point Church of Christ in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  Since then he has preached for Lexie Church of Christ, in Franklin County, Tennessee (1989-1998); County Line Church of Christ, in Moore County, Tennessee (1999-2009); and North Side Church of Christ, Lincoln County, Tennessee (2009-2010), before coming to Cornersville in 2010.  He graduated from The Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies in 2011.
Dwayne Briggs - youth minister
Dwayne Briggs – youth minister